Saturday, November 22, 2008

Primary Practice & Bday Party

Today we have the Primary Program Practice {tomorrow is the program}! The kids are mostly excited because they're going to have pizza & root beer when they're done! Way to get the kids there - - offer yummy food! LOL

All my kiddos have their parts memorized, even Anson. YAY!! Hope they all remember them tomorrow & can sit still. Anson is in the very front on the little chairs and during every practice, he is SO wiggly! hahaha Gotta luv the little sunbeams! They always add a little humor to every program!

Later today we're going to celebrate my nephew's birthday! He is such a cutie! And his younger brother is Ashley's little buddy!

Somewhere in between those, I need to get some laundry done. Yep, I have been perfecting the art of procrastination this week!

Oh and by channel surfing last night, I came across some fun Christmas movies on ABC Family channel. I guess they're having one every night. Felicia & I watched one and it got late, so I recorded the 2nd one. Then on the first day of December, they're doing 25 days of Christmas specials. I just LOVE Christmas movies!


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Teriann said...

Oh my gosh Andrea, you take me back :) When I was Primary President I would STRESS about the program for weeks (okay - months!). Now that I am in YW I can sit back and enjoy those cute little ones and I wonder why I was so stressed. Good luck with the program :)