Thursday, November 20, 2008

STAR, P.E., Contest, My Catalog

Ashley is *STAR* of the week in her class! She was so excited to answer some silly questions about herself & bring in a couple pictures of herself to show the class this week! WOOHOOO!!! I'm so proud of you sweetie!!!

Tuesday evening, Ben & I went with Ashley to learn about her P.E. at school. It was fun because they had all the kids & their parents doing some fun exercises & games! I guess to show us what they do in class. I don't remember P.E. being that fun! Well, maybe when I was in 1st grade it was that fun! Like we did push ups, then ran around, did ab crunches, and hula-hoop'ed. Oh we also bounced around balloons - ours was pink of course - no other color would be acceptable! haha Oh can't forget about learning to do the *chicken* dance! {totally reminds me of Jimmy Neutron the movie} LOL

Nathaniel & Felicia said that they get to do that in P.E. too sometimes! Ok, what happened to the dreaded square dancing??? Did you have to do that in grade school, especially grades 4-6? We did on rainy days & for a few weeks in the winter! Yuck! I always hated that! It was only somewhat OK if you got to be next to the cute guy you liked. But of course, I think that only happened ONCE! I always got the icky guy who liked me in my group and did NOT want to let go of my hand! Eeeewwwww! Oh the wonderful memories! hahahaha

Don't know what happened but we all woke up super late today! I'm talking 8:20 and they're supposed to be IN their class at 8:30! I ran around telling them 5 MINUTES!!! HURRY!!! Ashley tends to panic in high-stress situations and when I say panic, I mean her OCD {obsessive-compulsive disorder} totally kicks in! Poor girl. But that didn't help our racing around. We got out the door at 8:30, everyone dressed, teeth brushed, hair combed, lunches packed, backpacks on & said our morning family prayer plus I had to get dressed & get Anson dressed to go! I dropped them off at the office to get their late passes to class. I hope they have an OK day in spite of our morning!

Don't forget to donate some food to homeless shelters or anywhere else & then blog about it & include THIS LINK to get entered into Bunny's contest to win a TON OF GOODIES!!! And you can grab the button on my sidebar if you want. Go to the Friends4Food Blog to see the updates on all the goodies! Someone is going to be ONE LUCKY WINNER!!!

Oh oh and I want to thank Bunny for creating a catalog for me! It shows all my products at DSO and layouts using my products. WOOHOO You ROCK!! You can see it by clicking the button that says "MY CATALOG" on my sidebar! There's a little surprise for you in there too! Enjoy!☺



Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome you went to 1st grade parent P.E. night. we didn't make it. darn.

Whoohoo for Ashley that gets to be star of the week. WHOOHOO! super exciting!

i hate when we are running late. we have that problem alot. darn it. but not that late.

cool you have a catalog now . that is FANCY!

Anonymous said...

Ashley is such a cutie! I promise when I start digital scrapbooking, you'll be my hook-up. ;)

Becky said...

I remember PE at Arroyo. Remember Mrs Todd always making us run four laps around the entire playground? We were so athletic:) My fav was dodgeball on the basketball courts!