Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween & SAVERS

What happened to October? Seriously, it's already over & Halloween came & went! Now we're almost half-way thru November already! YIKES! I swear, once Halloween is over, next thing you know it's Christmas Day! Seriously! I heard Christmas music on the radio this weekend! WOW! So, I know, I'm a little behind, but I finally uploaded my camera and here's what I've got:

Halloween pics!!
Ben is the tall Spiderman in the back - LOL
{like you couldn't have guessed, right?}
Nathaniel is Captain Rex (the clonetrooper)
Felicia is Hannah Montana
Ashley is her fave pink Power Ranger
Anson is the buff Iron Man
Nathaniel enjoying some cotton candy
{like his beard?}
Felicia & Ashley decided to *sort* their candy the next day
Here's Felicia and all her goodies!
Chocolates on one side (including tootsie rolls) and all other sweets on the other!
Here's Ashley's wonderfully organized pile of candy!
They were so excited to show me what they did!
They are too funny!
This little guy is often caught being super silly!
Last week was a big day for Felicia! She lost another tooth!
She wiggled it like crazy at church & it was ready when we got home!
Yesterday I took advantage of the HUGE 50% off SALE at SAVERS!
Thanks Julie for the heads-up!
I went not as early this time (around 10am instead of 8am)
I think Julie picked the place clean, but I was still able to find some great deals! LOL
Here's the loot!
{ok, please don't judge me because my bed wasn't fully made with all our pretty pillows that I insist we need when I took these pics - how embarrassing!}
I got 23 items for $50. WOOHOOO!!!
Here's 2 nice polo shirts for Ben
Hope you like these babe, cuz they put me over my $2 average per item! haha
4 nice shirts for Nathaniel
{don't ya just love the gray one?}
wish they had that in Ben's size too! haha
They always seem to have an abudance of fabulous items in Felicia's size!
Although, that blue striped sweater is going to Ashley!
Ashley got some much needed jeans!
She only has the hand-me-downs from Felicia & they all have holes in the knees & look like *high waters*
But couldn't find very many tops that would fit her
(they're all too short & she has a long torso & long legs)
Anson got a couple things too.
When I got home, I found this little stinker drawing on her face!
At least they're washable markers!
She says it's a beard that grew all over her face!
{oh there's all my decorative bed pillows!}
Do you like Ginger's new cozy spot?
Anson has been begging me to play some kind of *froggy* game with him. So I gave in & he explained to me what it was. Apparently, he wanted me to hop around like a frog saying "ribbet" and chasing him *the bug* for food! hahaha He loved when I caught him and hugged & tickled him! But we didn't play too long because it's actually really tiring to squat down & hop around, plus the gingersnap {I mean the Anson-bug} I had just eaten was sloshing around & wanted to come back up! Never a good sign! So I called -GameOver- LOL

One of our neighbors asked Ben aka Spiderman to make an appearance at their son's birthday party last night. He was a huge hit as usual.
This is what was on his mind when he got home! haha
Yep, good ol' xbox!

So, after dinner, we played Gears of War 2 with some of his co-workers online. It was so FUN!

We spent most of the weekend (in his little bit of free time after work - he worked everyday this weekend) we played the newly released Gears of War 2! We finished co-op campaign on Monday night! Now we are going to play it again on Insane! Which is, of course, insanely hard! But you get more achievement points for doing it that way. And we're all about the points! LOL

Ok, Julie, are you happy now?! She was concerned that I wasn't blogging much lately! Thanks for being worried about me! ♥

Now I need to do laundry (oh it never ends), grocery shopping (again the people in my house are ALWAYS hungry), get dressed and find out if Best Buy has any more little remote control tanks available (we're supposed to get a free one with our Gears of War 2 Limited Edition but they hadn't received them yet on release day - last Friday)!

What are you up to today??


charlie said...

Those costumes are cool..your family rawks hun! over the choccy stash!I know chrissy decorations everywhere here..where has the year gone??:0

Crazymamaof6 said...

you made out like a BANDIT yesterday. and holy crap you scored. i spent $74 bucks. and didn't pay attention to the # of items. love that you laid it out. i guess it is fun to see what everyone got. love that dress i ditched. is it cute on Felicia? i always find tons for Liberty too.
love the halloween pics. and way cool of ben to go party down with for that kid's party.

did the tooth fairy remember to come? i always forget

bummer on the marker. i hate it when my kids do that.

Merrianne (Miss Pickle) said...

i love the way they organized the candy! my kids and i always do that!!! ha ha! :)