Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekend FUN!

Went to the school bright & early to see the kiddos get some awards. Ashley didn't get one this time, but still went to see her. She was so CUTE! She couldn't stop waving at me! I LOVE IT!! Then when it was time for the older kids, Nathaniel & Felicia both received *Winning Worker* and Math awards! YAY!!! Way to go!!!
Haven't uploaded my camera, so I'll have to insert some pics later.

Spent the afternoon making 5 dozen frosted sugar cookies! Just for fun. Anson was a great helper {when he wasn't stealing the cookie dough & running off to eat it in private}! Little stinker! hahaha

I rewarded him for his great help by letting him taste a finished cookie! You should've seen his big happy smile!

Tonight we're going to a super amazingly fun Halloween party!!! WOOHOOO!!! Can't wait to see everyone & their awesome costumes! I will definitely be taking pics {last year I took a couple then we didn't really know many people I made Ben go around & take pics of everyone at their tables}!

Tomorrow will be busy too. Going to a baptism & luncheon after, then our ward's chili cookoff. YAY LOTS of outdoor playtime for the kiddos! They should be quite worn out by the end of the day & plenty dirty! LOL :)

Have a great weekend!!!


molly said...

So good to see you guys last night! You both looked awesome! See you tonight :)
p.s. let me know if you need any help eating those sugar cookies....

jkuoha said...

Andrea - I'm glad you had a great trip - welcome home! Our ward had it's annual Trunk-or-Treat last night - it was a lot of fun!!