Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweet Treats

Do you remember trick-or-treating when you were a kid? I LOVED it! The excitement & anticipation of what each house would have for us was so FUN! With kids, I still get to go, but it's mostly for them. Although, I do dig thru their candy at the end of the day & see what kind of goodies they're going to *share* with me! LOL

Well, since we all love Halloween so much, the designers at DSO have been working hard to create some fun treats for y'all this month!

Stop by the DSO BLOG every day for a little trick-or-treating and then don't forget to come back on the most important day of the month....


There will be an extra surprise on that day!

{Please remember that we're all on different time zones, so if the newest *treat* isn't up when you check, come back a little later. But don't wait too long because who knows how long it will be up there!}

The FIRST TREAT is posted on the DSO BLOG, so go check it out!!! Don't forget to leave a little love for the designers too!

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