Saturday, October 4, 2008

General Conference & My Turn

{President Thomas S. Monson}

Today is the beginning of the 178th Semiannual LDS General Conference! I'm really excited to watch and listen to our Prophet and General Authorities! I don't remember being this excited when I was a kid, except that we got to watch church on tv in our jammies! LOL My kids are happy to watch & they know that the TV's are only on the channel with conference until it's over. My girls like taking notes & for the last conference, Felicia even helped Ashley with her notes. Nathaniel prefers to not write anything if he doesn't have to. His memory can be pretty good though too. One way to get them excited is when each session is over, if they can tell me one important thing they learned from each talk, they get a piece of candy {1 candy per each talk they can remember}. They LOVE this idea, plus they are really listening during conference. I loved last conference (6 months ago) and I just know that I'm going to LOVE this weekend too!

I always feel like there are several talks given just for ME! I love it :)

Hey, have you headed over to the DSO BLOG this week for the month-long Halloween Trick-or-Treating bonanza?!! Each day there will be a new freebie to download, but you have to hurry because who knows how long they will be available!

Guess what??? TODAY is MY TURN!!! I have this kit available for FREE!

Here's a layout I made using my kit & Teriann Hanks' new "Think of Me" Template for the DSO October Template Challenge!
So whatcha waiting for? Hop on over to the DSO BLOG & snag my freebie kit! Don't forget to check the blog each day for a new treat & especially on Halloween for a really big surprise!
*sorry this is no longer a freebie*


abhall76 said...

I absolutely LOVE how you used the frame for the paper rather than the picture! I just may have to scraplift that!

Sharon said...

I LOVE conference weekend too! It's so nice to relax and take in the words of the Prophet!

Teriann said...

Andrea I love how you used the template, the scalloped frame is great - that is one cute kit!!! I am like you I LOVE General Conference, I feel like they have me in mind when they give their talks. I am watching the darling Primary Choir sing right now, so sweet I could just cry :)

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! this kit is so cute! i grabbed it & made a header for one of my friends!!!

MomTo4Girls (aka Kim) said...

The Odd Ball kit is darling. Is it still available? I have four girls but I love this.