Friday, October 31, 2008


This week has been FUN & BUSY! We had our ward Chili Cookoff on Saturday at the park. My parents came with us and ate lots of chili & tons of treats! IT was so FUN!! TONS of food - chili, cornbread, rolls, homemade rootbeer & treats {you name it & it was there in abundance}!!! There was also a fishing pond, face painting, bean bag toss, rope walk and COTTON CANDY! I think Ashley was living at the cotton candy stand! hahaha We all had a great time & practically needed to be rolled out of there! The kids kept bringing me desserts, candy & cotton candy! How was I supposed to say "No" to their *sweet* offerings?! I couldn't!
Ashley's pretty face paintings
Felicia's face painting
Anson enjoying the homemade rootbeer
My Mom & Dad
Ashley eating her hundredth cotton candy
Nathaniel getting his share before they run out
Ashley trying the rope walk just before they take it down

Ben couldn't make it to the ward party because it was over by the time he got home from work. Later that evening, he went to another Halloween party with a friend. They went to a guy's house that built an amazing haunted house in his backyard. He also won an award for BEST COSTUME! YAY!!! Congrats!

Felicia ended up losing her voice Saturday night and was sick Sunday & Monday. She was feeling much better & went back to school on Tuesday. Now we're all {except for Ben} dealing with major congestion. YUCK!!! I'm loading everyone up with their allergy pills & decongestants! The worst is first thing in the morning {even I don't have much of a voice} and right before bed. Hope this is over soon!

Monday, Ben & I helped my Mom set up for a big luncheon she was having with her Temple co-workers for a lady who is *retiring* {if you can call it that} from the Temple. She has worked there Tuesdays-Saturdays for 30 years! Her body is weakening & she isn't physically able to be there as much anymore. WHAT AN ANGEL!!! My Mom says it turned out wonderful & there were lots of ladies there to celebrate with her!

My MIL invited us to her ward's chili cookoff & trunk-or-treat on Wednesday evening. The kids were so excited because it was the FIRST time they got to wear their costumes! They all looked SO CUTE!!! Most of the time, they get side-tracked and don't eat much when there's so many kids to play with plus the anticipation of CANDY! So I made them all promise they would EAT dinner or they could NOT get candy! LOL I know I'm a mean mom! haha But it worked! We all had a great time & I ran into a friend from high school {she's in my MIL ward}! Such a small world!

WOOHOOO!!!! One of my fave holidays is finally HERE!


Ben took today & tomorrow off because this is his absolute FAVORITE holiday! YAY! So, we get to go to the kids' school to watch the Halloween parade! Nathaniel & Felicia are too old now to be in the parade, but they get to watch Ashley! She's so excited to wear her costume to school! All the kids are SO ADORABLE! And Ben wears his Spider-Man costume & he LOVES seeing the kids' faces light up when they see him! They are too funny! Last year, one kid walked by & told his friend, "SEE! I told you Spider-Man was REAL!" Awwwww that just makes his day!

I LOVE handing out candy & seeing all the CUTE kids in costumes!!! Ben is usually the one to walk around with the kids most of the evening to trick-or-treat! Do you usually stay home & hand out candy or go out with the munchkins?

Speaking of TREATS - - Don't forget to stop by the DSO BLOG today for a Special Halloween *Treat*

And Saturday is Digital Scrapbooking Day! FUN FUN FUN

There are going to be celebrations all over the internet & blogging world!

I'm joining in the party & having a HUGE SALE!!!

If you are still reading...give yourself a big pat on the back! tee hee

Oh and check back this weekend because I may have some goodies for y'all!!!


LiviaY said...

Hi Andrea!
Just stopping by to say hello... Love the photos! The kids look like they had a BLAST!!!

Shucks... we don't have halloween here... I really really wish we did! Bummer! Oh, well, at least I get to live it thru you girls! haha

Happy Halloween!!!

charlie said...

looks like the kids had a great what a great sale Andrea!

Beth said...

Happy Halloween Andrea! Looks like you had a great time at the chili cook off! Congrats to your hubby on 'best costume!' Have a fun time trick or treating tonight! Woohoo!