Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Right NOW & How to get rid of Flies

In case you were wondering...
this is what I'm doing right NOW! {well ok took off my mask to type} Playing Star Wars clonetrooper with Anson. I'm the one in the red mask {because according to is for boys & red is for girls!} LOL Not really sure what the kids have done to the masks but I could hardly see thru mine plus it had a weird smell. Eewwwwww!

Ben was at his sisters' apt a couple days ago and while he was there, look what he caught & brought home for Nathaniel!
A super cool Preying Mantis! Isn't that awesome?!!!! Way to go BEN!!! As soon as Nathaniel saw it, he ran to get his bug catcher while giggling with excitement! hahaha

Oh then yesterday, Nathaniel caught a fly & put it in the bug catcher for the mantis to eat. Nathaniel barely told me of the lunch he gave it, then ran back into my room screaming "MOM!! MOM!!! LOOK!!! LOOK!!! It's HOLDING THE FLY!!!"
He set it down so Anson & I could see, then we saw the coolest thing happen!

HE took a BITE!

I had to run for my camera! This is so picture worthy!

Ben walked in & got to see him take the last bite & lick his *fingers* clean! LOL
{please excuse the not-so-clear photo - the bug catcher is clear plastic but kinda dusty on the inside from the previous geckos! Nathaniel likes to catch geckos, play with them a couple days, then release them. I also cropped the photo so you can see his head better}
You should be able to click on the photo to see it larger! hahaha

Ok I know we're kinda dorks but we think bugs are cool & bugs-eating-bugs are even COOLER!!! tee hee :)
Oh hey, gotta go. Need to pick up kids from school!


snowflake said...

You are crazy!! That must be why we love you so much. Thanks for the help.

lindsey said...

i have seen a couple of those by my house. didn't think to try to catch it. sounds like fun for the whole family

Diaper Diva said...

I am a tad bit grossed out by the fly eating mantis but my kids would call you Mother of the year. Not only do you play in smelly masks with them you let them have cool fly eating bugs. You are a fun Mom!! maybe I'll send a few your way(hehe)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am sure that was quite something to watch!

Crazymamaof6 said...

that is stinking awesome! way cool! we are dorky like that too. very cool to see it eat!