Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's been going on...

I snapped this pic a couple weeks ago. I had to record Ashley helping to wash dishes! LOL No really, she can be a great helper {when she wants to be}. She was showing Anson how to wash dishes, so they could do it together.

Felicia got rollerblades for Christmas and LOVES wearing them all the time! She loves using them to get to/from friends' houses. One day a couple weeks ago, she fell on the way to her friends' house and skinned her knee.
OUCH!!!! A day or two later, this is how I found her sleeping! Yep, she made a 'sling' for her leg. Pretty creative if you ask me! HAHAHAHA

Ok think we have already hit SUMMER weather. It's been at least 100 degrees for several days in a row. But a couple weeks ago, the weather was absolutely perfect! Especially the evenings, I enjoy leaving our backdoor & our bedroom door {to the patio} open all day. Well, one evening, I left our bedroom patio door open most of the night (the screen was closed). I got up around 2am and closed it. I won't be doing that anymore!

Look what we found in our bedroom the next night! A SCORPION!!! YIKES!!!

This is the FIRST time in my life that I have ever found one of these horrible things inside our home! It may as well be as BIG as these! That's how much I despise scorpions!!!
{remember Clash of the Titans? I hated those huge disgusting scorpions! but totally loved that movie}

Ben carefully picked it up and put it in Nathaniel's bug catcher so we could have a closer look at it. He also decided to get out the black light {we use it at Halloween} to see if it really glows. Those are grasshoppers in the bug catcher with the scorpion.
Now that is pretty cool! We watched it for a little while. Then Ben used the black light and looked around our room and our back patio. Then the scorpion needed to go to heaven {if that's where they even go. LOL}.

Ben went right to bed, I mean after all, it was late and he had to get up early for work. Ummmmm NOT ME!!! I had a hard time even stepping foot into our room. I had to go to the other side of the house {of course, turning on each light before I entered the room} and watched some episodes of my fave shows on the computer (our DVR didn't record them properly). I stayed up til almost 3am. Anson got up at one point coughing, so I let him sleep in my lap for a while. I was so tired, I finally got in bed, but not before I checked the room again. I may sound like a total baby, but I did NOT want to get stung!

Ok, so I finally fell asleep in bed. Ben woke me up a couple hours later when he was leaving for work to let me know that his truck had been broken into and his stereo was GONE! He asked me to please call & report it. I came outside to see his truck and to also see if my van was ok. Whew! My van was fine. Went back to bed. Got up a couple hours later to get the kids up & took them to school. When I got back, I decided to look around the carport and see if anything else was missing. Yep, they took Felicia & Ashley's bikes! Dang thieves!

I called to report everything that was missing. We've had our car stereos stolen before, called to report it, then that's pretty much it.

To our surprise, late that night, the police was at our door! They were asking if the car stereo in their hands belonged to us. What? You actually found it? Ben came to the door, NOPE that's not mine. They caught a couple teenagers (13 & 17) behaving suspiciously near a park. Turns out they had a couple car stereos on them. Well, after talking to them a while, they confessed to stealing several and described where they got them. Led them right to our house. But first, the cops made them tell about the missing girl bikes. They took the cops to the canal and showed them where they had dumped them! The cops made them feel really bad about breaking little girls' hearts! Anyway, the cops went back to the boys' house and retrieved MORE stolen car stereos. They found Ben's stereo! But the bikes can't be retrieved from the very full canal. :(
One of our neighbors is also a police officer, and he tried to help the next day. He saw our report & went to the canal site and called SRP to see if they would send someone to retrieve the bikes. NOPE. They drain the canal once a year in December/January, they can be fetched out then. Darn it. But I really appreciate our neighbor cop trying to help.

I went to see STOMP with some friends. Well, last minute someone couldn't go, so we brought Felicia with us. It was AMAZING!!! Felicia loved it too!

Last week, Ben & I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was AWESOME!!!!!
Sunday evening, Anson snuck up behind me with the corn holders and told me he was Wolverine! He was cracking me up, so I told him to stand still so I could take a picture. He jumped on the couch {yikes! watch out for the leather! he was careful not to touch anything} and posed for me! Silly kid!!!

The kids really enjoyed the corn on the cob my Mom brought over on Sunday, so I bought more while it was still on sale. Nathaniel helped me shuck it. Awww sweet helper!
Mmmmm it was delicious! We still have some leftover to eat tonight too!


gray-gang said...

Yeah for Felicia!! I am so proud of her! Brian told me about the kids bikes, I am so sorry!! That really stinks! He is still trying to think of ways to get those bikes out, He was telling me some pretty crazy ideas og how he and Ben could do to "pull" them out...something about an anchor and a long chain, who knows...he really wanted to help you guys out more. That picture of Anson totally cracked me up, he is so dang cute! We loved that movie and my girls LOVE Wolverine, Autumn loved that picture and said, Anson is so awesome!! I agree!

charlie said...

Gotta love that Aussie Hugh..yummy..ew on the scorpian and boo thieves!!

tammy said...

Love the sling. That is funny.

And huge bummer about the girls' bikes :(

We used to get scorpions in our last house and they totally freaked me out. They still freak me out. Thankfully we haven't had any here.

abhall76 said...

Your kids are soo creative Andrea, I wonder where they get it from? :P

That really stinks about the radio/bikes.

I can't blame ya on the scorpions. I have never actually seen one close up other than in a zoo and I would be very happy to keep it that way!

Crazymamaof6 said...

loving the wolverine pose anson!

loved that movie!

bummer on scorpions.

and yay they retrieved the stereo.

sherry said...

Hey, I went to see Stomp too! My neighbor brought me some tickets about an hour before it started and I was able to go with a friend. It was pretty entertaining. I cringed when I read about your scorpion Yikes! I hate them with a passion. We are lucky that we have never lived in a house with scorpions. I couldn't bare it. But we still take the blacklight out every now and again to look. You can never be too careful!

Shanners said...

WOW! What a post! That scorpion looked so cool under the black light. I didn' know they really glowed. I saw one in our house once in CA. AHHHHH! I'm so sorry to hear about the stereo and bikes stolen. We've had stuff stolen and it's SOOOOOOO frustrating! The only thing we've EVER gotten back is a motorcycle - and Hubby got it back himself - chased the guy down! I'm glad you guys got the stereo back. :)