Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm still in denial. Can it really be the LAST DAY of school??? Has it already been 9 months? I guess it has because whether we're ready or not, they're coming home & not going back until August!

I am excited that I don't have to do these again until August:
*pack 3 lunches (in August it will be 4 lunches)
*wake up early (Monday thru Friday)
*race to get kids ready
*throw on clothes or robe & run out the door to get kids to school on time (Barely on some days)
*nag about homework
*sign everyone's folder or agenda daily

Instead, here's what we will be doing this summer:
*NOT getting up super early every day (only if we WANT to)
*Reorganizing the kids' rooms
*earning points so the kids can "use" them to play video games & have sleepovers
*doing summer workbooks
*summer reading
*practicing violins (I'll be tutoring the kids)
*daily chores so the house doesn't look like several tornadoes hit
*squeezing in a little Webkinz time {gotta take care of my Olivia☺}
*Playing with Friends
*Summer Movie Fun
*Swimming, lots of swimming
*free school lunch (during June, Monday thru Thursday)
*going to Utah for Ben's family reunion
*Ben gets to go to ComiCon again
*hoping for NO fighting, hitting, screaming (is it possible or am I just dreaming? LOL)
*Having lots of FUN!!!

BUT, before all the summer FUN begins, I have a BIG day before the bell rings at 3pm & all the kids flee the school campus!

The kids have their Winners Assemblies shortly after school starts, so I will go to both of those (the younger grades & the older grades). Ashley will be receiving "Winning Attitude" award! YAY!! Felicia will be in the B.U.G. Club again (Bringing Up Grades or if you keep straight A's)! YAY!!! Nathaniel doesn't know yet if he's receiving any awards.

Then I get to meet my sister & cousins for our monthly Cousins Lunch! I'm so happy I get to see them more often now! Anson is looking forward to spending time with my cousin's son too! They're the same age & they have so much fun together!

I have a couple errands to run after lunch.

Pick up the kids from school & hear about all the exciting parties!

Let the kids swim for a little bit to cool off.

Then we'll all be off to Pack Meeting to see Nathaniel receive TONS of awards! We haven't had an official pack meeting for a few months because there have been other important meetings, like Blue & Gold Banquet, Pinewood Derby, etc. We are so proud to see Nathaniel accomplish so much! He has really been working hard and even achieving a few badges on his own {to surprise Ben - who is also their Webelos leader}! He will receive 9 pins, 1 belt loop, Webelos badge, Compass, 1 point on the Compass, and his Arrow of Light {which if you know anything about cub scouting, Arrow of Light is very Honorable}! He's so ecstatic to be receiving so many, especially right before his birthday! He'll be 11 on June 2nd, so he'll move up to Boy Scouts! He is growing UP way toooooooo fast for me!

Oh and Ben is also bringing the snow cone machine to make the treats for everyone at Pack Meeting! It's going to be yummy! And sticky. I'm glad I won't be in charge of that! LOL

Hope you all have a great day! And if your little ones have their last day of school today, hope your SUMMER is AWESOME!!!


charlie said...

oh my you are going to be one busy family!!!!Have fun( poking out tongue..golly you guys get a lot of holidays up there!!!!!heheheh)

tammy said...

Maybe you can teach me how to play the violin! I still have until next Thursday before my kids are out. I need to enjoy the last of my freedom before it's gone. But I do like having them home and not having a schedule.

Lynn, LPand3dogs Designs-Digi Scrap Obsession said...

Wow, school's out already! You sound like you have the summer all planned out, good for you! Enjoy!

Shanners said...

Congrats on all the kids' awards. That's awesome. :) I can't believe you guys got out of school so early. We get out this Wed., June 3.