Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Do your kids have Webkinz? My kids have 3 each. They have been getting them for their report cards at the end of the school year & for Christmas {in their stocking}. Sometimes I play on their account to earn them kinzcash (points for buying stuff in their virtual world). Sometimes I play just because I like some of the games {and they get addicting - like Tile Towers, Goober's Lab, Cash Cow & Solitaire}.

Anyway, LOOK what I got today!
Zebras have ALWAYS been my fave animal and when I saw it advertised on Webkinz, I just had to have it. So, today I ventured to the Hallmark store and got one for myself. I made my own Webkinz account & named her Olivia.
See the fun things I got...errr I mean Olivia got! tee hee That stripey sports car is too cute!!! And how delicious does that stripey dessert look? Mmmm making me hungry :)
Ok, so it's offical, I'm a total dork! But I don't care! LOL
I'm off to play another game before it shuts down for the night (it closes for a few hours at Midnight EST).


Renée said...

haha you are too cute :)

thanks for your nice comment on my blog~!

abhall76 said...

Tooo darn cute.

My son got a webkin at school. It was a reward for his hard work in making the 400 club (has to do with the statewide proficiency testing here). I was totally amazed. And I have to admit that I occasionally log on his acct for the same reasons!

Crazymamaof6 said...

TOTALLY AWESOME! super cute stuff olivia got with her membership!

i've wanted a couple before but never bought one for myself. well i did, but ended up giving it to one of the kids on easter. darn it.
it was the pink dragon.

they are so cute.
and the games are way fun!

Rebecca Frame said...

you are so funny andrea!! we have about 60 webkinz in our house...no joke...it's disgusting, i know!! like a small fortune.

the zebra is pretty cute though!!
do you also venture into club penguin on line...my kiddos love that one too!!