Friday, April 25, 2008

Week Recap

Gosh I can't believe I haven't posted since Tuesday. Ok well, here's a recap of what I've been up to this week:

Monday - went to gym with Ben & worked legs
(still a little sore even today, geesh!)
Ben cut down our eucalyptus tree in our backyard.

Tuesday - went to follow-up appt with Doctor to figure out why I still have stupid cough 5 months later! Did chest x-ray 3 weeks ago...normal - no pneumonia or damage. Breathing test...normal - no asthma. Taking extra allergy medication...totally didn't help. Still coughing & having major seasonal allergies! Dr decided to give me a steroid/allergy shot in the buttocks (which apparently can last up to 3 months). Feeling ok, probably need to fill the prescription he gave me for new allergy pills. UGH!!

Ben dug out the eucalyptus tree stump (dang thing had major roots!) *PICTURES later*
I also had to run a few errands and get our pool vac checked out. Then the guy forgot a tiny piece, so had to go right back and get that put back on.

Wednesday - went to Volunteer Luncheon at kids' school. Baked potato bar & treats...Mmmm! It was yummy & fun to visit with other moms & the kids' teachers. Also, went to park with Alicia to let our little ones play. They're so cute together & the weather was pretty nice (especially since we got a little breeze).

Thursday - did 6 loads of laundry, including girls sheets & all the towels. got everything folded & put away, plus made both girls beds. Had to pick up Ashley from school around 1pm because she vomited at school (luckily she made it to the bathroom during lunch recess). Apprently it was one of those 'throw-up & feel totally better 30 minutes later' but school policy says she had to go home. Felt bad for her but she seemed fine right after we got home. She was bouncing around asking for food. LOL So, it postponed my dress shopping for the afternoon.

Had Girls Night Out!! We kept it low key and had dinner at Denny's (did the breakfast for dinner thing...had french toast - yummy). Then we went back to Amy's house and hung out & chatted for a very long time (got home super late as usual, or is it early? ha ha). Allison made guacamole - delicious! So, we had some chips & salsa & guacamole. I also brought some Dove chocolates. It was a relaxing & enjoyable evening out!!

Friday - kids pretended to do a few chores (Nathaniel was the only one who actually got a couple things done... he says he accomplished THREE chores. ok good for him). Went dress shopping w/ my Mom at Kohl's (and all 4 kids since there's no school today). Need a new dress for Ben's work party tomorrow night. haven't bought a new dress in a very long time. Let's just say that I alternate wearing the same 3-4 skirts to church for the past 3-4 years!

Yep found a really cute black & white dress! So exciting!! They're having a huge sale right now! I also splurged and got 2 new pairs of shoes - one black pair to go with my dress and another totally cute pair of denim sandals (these were too cute to pass up). I haven't bought new shoes in quite a while either. I even got a necklace, earrings & bracelet to match! SO CUTE!! It was really fun getting something for myself!

Felt a little bad for the kids for having to drag them around, so got the girls 2 matching shirts.
Anson found some Diego swim shorts. He was hilarious in the dressing room. He took all his clothes off & tried on the shorts. Then he was dancing around & watching himself in the mirrors! I couldn't stop laughing! Tried to find Nathaniel some new swim shorts, but didn't see anything I liked or that was his style. So, found a cute t-shirt for him that says "Awesome Ends with ME" He was thrilled to get something new too!

Ended out the day by taking the kids to McDonald's for ice cream cones and let them play for 2 hours! Picked up Little Caesar's pizza for dinner on the way home. I even got the crazy bread with sauce & a 2 liter of Root Beer - which I hardly ever do! They LOVED me tonight!! We were going to watch a movie but I was too tired (from being out super late at Girls Night Out) & started 'resting my eyes' for a few minutes which turned into a couple hrs. Oh well, maybe we'll watch the movie Sunday evening.

Hope your week was GREAT!!! Enjoy your weekend :)


Udall Dolls said...

It was so much fun seeing you at mommy's night. I had a blast but the whole sleep deprived thing is SERIOUSLY catching up! Oh... and you are right about hair and nails, they never seem to stop:( oh well!

tammy said...

Wow, busy but fun week! I want to see a pic of the dress - even if you're not modeling it.

Jen Shumway said...

You have be busy. Its funny how the week goes so fast.

Crazymamaof6 said...

wow! busy week! and fun GNO. rad. yeah whoohoo on that lunch. for cool mom's that volunteer. so not me. you are rad! bummer on the shot in the buttocks. those hurt.

Anonymous said...

What a crazy week-but fun none the less!