Saturday, April 26, 2008

The TREE & My Shopping Fun

Ok I wanted to get a pic of the whole eucalyptus tree, but by the time I got outside, Ben had already cut half of it down. Here's the other half still standing. It's only a few years old but pretty big!
Chopping the 2nd half down. Then he had to cut it up so it would fit into the bed of his truck. Of course the kids loved playing in the big pile & picking out their favorite sticks. The next day, he got to round it all up again to take it to the dump.
He soaked the stump overnight so the ground would be softer. Holy cow that thing had some roots! He had to chop all the roots, turns out it also had a really thick root going straight down into the ground.
Ben had to rock it back & forth to break it free.
Here's my MAN and that horrible stump! Way to go, honey, you ROCK!

{I just want to add that I did help a little, then I stood there, watched & took pictures. I mean who else would document the whole process if it wasn't me? tee hee :) }

* * * Ok on to my shopping extraveganza! * * *

Here's my new dress! I think it's way cute!
Here's the pretty matching jewelry!
The blue denim strappy wedge sandals. See what I mean? Too cute to pass up!
Black heels to go with my new dress! And they're really cushiony & comfy!
My girls will be darling in their new matching shirts!
See, he can't stop smiling about his new Diego swim shorts!
Nathaniel wearing his new Awesome shirt!
So, yesterday (the kids' day off school) was a pretty good day! Didn't get any pics of them playing at McDonald's or chowing on their sweet ice cream cones. Oh well, they had a great time!


Crazymamaof6 said...

very cool! loving Nathaniel's shirt.

and way cute jewelry and shoes, and dress! and WHOOHOO love it when you can be equal for everyone an get everyone something.

rad that stump is gone.

tammy said...

Very fun buys!!

Ondria said...

I want to know how you got to leave the kids to go shopping? Or did you take them with you and still find cute stuff? Either way fun finds.