Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bean Dinner

My Dad invited me and my kids (including my nephew) to their Ward Bean Dinner tonight (outside next to their building). It was FUN! Lots of yummy food & the kids got to run around outside and burn off some energy!

I also participated in the silent auction . . . and WON a Babysitter for next Friday night!!! For only $12. WOOHOO!!!! I know, I totally low-balled her. Our ward is having an Adult Dinner, so I needed one for that night anyway. I'll have to see how the kids behave and then offer her a couple more bucks (cuz I know this bunch may be a little wound up meeting a new babysitter). And the kids are excited about having a babysitter. They love when we get babysitters because we don't do it very often. So, it's like a little party for them. LOL

My Dad won a big chocolate cake with white frosting. When I was driving him home, I asked if he needed help carrying the cake. He said "No, this cake is for YOU!" WOW!!! We took it home and of course had to try it immediately. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! It's so moist and yummy. I think it has mini chocolate chips & chocolate cream inside too! So, I cut a huge slice of cake for my Dad and my Mom picked it up on her way home from the Temple tonight. He is going to LOVE it! Thanks Dad for the cake & the bean dinner!!

Ben also had his first game for our Ward's Men's Softball tonight. We went for a little while to watch. The game was over a little early, so we missed most of it. Oh well. We tried.


Jen Shumway said...

That is why I love the ward down there they have such great sports for the men.

tammy said...

I've never heard of a Bean Dinner before. That could be scary to be around after : )
How nice of your dad, and whoo-hoo on the sitter!