Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Saturday

Ok, I'm still a little tired from Girls Night Out. Trying to catch up on sleep is becoming a challenge this week. {No, honey, I'm not complaining. I'm not allowed to complain since I did it to myself. I'm just saying.}

Ben woke me up before he left for work to let me know that one of the dogs had maybe peed in our room and threw up in our computer room. NICE! Ben barely has time to get himself ready and race out the door to work. So, I needed to get up and take care of it. Yuck! I was so tired, so I said I needed a few more minutes of sleep then I'd get right on it.

Well, Nathaniel woke up before Ben left and was WIDE AWAKE!! A little while later, Anson was WIDE AWAKE!! Nathaniel then informed me that Anson had let the dogs back in the house and Pepper (one of our dogs) was EATING the vomit! NASTY!!!!!!!!! Seriously, why do they do that? It's so GROSS!!

We put the dogs back out & I got UP at 7:15AM!!! On a Saturday!! That's not normal for me. Got the carpet cleaner out, filled it with hot water, added the soap, turned it on to warm up more, scooped up the vomit, then cleaned the carpet messes! Now they're done & clean. I have to say that the dogs normally don't make messes in the house, just on that rare occasion like today. It's still disgusting though!

Happy Saturday!!


tammy said...

Vomit and each others poop - why do they do that? It grosses me out. But on the rare occasion that it happens, I figure it's less that I have to clean. Sorry you didn't get to sleep in. Hope you had a fun GNO at least.

Crazymamaof6 said...

gross. i'd vomit myself. and i agree. clean up is done for you that way.

Anonymous said...

Cute dress!!