Saturday, April 12, 2008

52 Blessings - Week 15

My 52 weeks of Blessings in no particular order.

{Credits: Weeds & Wildflowers "Believing In You" paper
"Loving You" frame, ribbon, flower doodles & stickers, heart
"Breath of Fresh Air" glitter edges
"Spreading Cheer" alpha}

My car is truly a blessing! I am so grateful that I have a reliable car that fits our whole family!

I was one of those people who never wanted a minivan, but have really come to appreciate the wonderful interior space & ease of opening/closing electric sliding doors! We have travelled great distances in our fabulous bright red minivan. It can fit a lot of luggage, food, toys, blankets & pillows, our portable dvd player w/ 2 screens, 2 umbrella strollers, our 2 black labs, and lots of other stuff! AND we don't have a car payment!!

We only bought our minivan when I was pregnant with Anson (our #4) because we couldn't fit one more kid in our Honda Accord. I am SO GLAD that we did!

Thanks Ben for helping me see that a minivan can be cool! LOL :)


Crazymamaof6 said...

very cool page about your car! and i was just thinking the other day YOU are the only mom i know lucky enough to drive a RED minivan! lucky! minivans are cool!

carrie & troy keiser said...

A vehicle big enough for the whole family is a great blessing! We out-grew the mini van stage and had to up grade to Suburban and or full size 8 passenger van. Neither one is a cool red, boring ole white! :)

tammy said...

Love the red. And no payment...who doesn't love that? I'm with you, even though I only have two kids, I need a car that is reliable and has enough room for all our stuff, and for extra people. I drove a tiny little red Toyota Celica (which I loved!) when my first was born, and that was hard work getting the baby seat in and out of the back seat everytime we went somewhere. A good car is a great blessing!

Jen Shumway said...

I had a dodge van for years. I miss it. It was so easy to get in and out. Hold on to it for as long as possible.