Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ben and I "Finished the Fight" on Tuesday evening! He went to GameStop w/ a friend to wait in line Monday night around 10pm. Halo 3 was being released at midnight. He came home around 12:30am with the game! We put it on immediately (I mean how could we go to bed w/o playing for a little while). We played til about 3:30am and went to bed around 4am. We had to get the kids up for school at 7:15am. Yikes we were tired! As soon as they left for school, we went back to bed for a couple hours. We started playing again just before the kids came home. Anson had fun hanging out with us while we played. He's a funny little guy! We had to start & stop a few times helping the kids with homework, phone calls, etc. Anyway, we finished the game around 7pm. Ben played more after dinner with his friends online. Yesterday we played a little while the kids were at school trying to find the "hidden" items. We found most of them. Ben and Nathaniel played together last night . They had a lot of fun!

We have also been working on our pool pump. The dang thing overheated or something from losing pressure, boiled the water in the pipes, and a big pipe melted! Of course, it's the part that connects several other pipes, so we had to get a new one of those plus other parts to connect everything. We did most of that on Monday, but we had to wait for all the glue to bond and setup. So, we finally turned it on Tuesday afternoon, seems to be working but still has lots of air in the system. We shocked the pool yesterday and ran the pump all evening (it hasn't been on in over 2 weeks, so the water is yucky green). This morning it's looking tons better. It usually takes a few days to 2 weeks to get the pool back to where it should & clear! It should be ready just about the time it's cooling off. Isn't that how it always works out? Oh well.

Ben went back to work today, so I can get back to my schedule. Nathaniel has a pack meeting tonight and will be receiving his Wolf badge, 1 gold arrow & 5 silver arrows! He was supposed to receive those back in May, but because the Scout shop had moved they didn't get the badges in time. So, now he finally gets what he's earned. WAY TO GO!!! He's been working hard on his scout stuff. He already has 3 parts (out of 12) done toward his Bear!

GIRLS NIGHT TONIGHT!!! YAY I always look forward to our girls' night out!

Gotta go get all my stuff done today!


Jenny said...

Andrea!! So good to see you and your blog. I talked to Jenny the other day and found out you guys were in contact. Email me your email and I will add you to my invite list on the blog. (

I LOVE girls night. Hope you have fun!

SHUMERS said...

o Yay Jenny also found you. Shes the one that had got me to start a blog. Not sure what that game is but hope you had fun.

Ondria said...

What a cute family! I'm so glad you found our blog. I'm loving this blog thing. Girls night out sounds fun. What did you girls do? We need some ideas.

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome you finished the fight! and you have blog friends too! way to go!
huge bummer about the pool pump. have a great day! i am so tired from last night! ugh!