Saturday, September 29, 2007

Screen Shots!

One of the coolest parts of Halo 3 is that you can go back and watch a recording of the level you just played in the game. Then, you can pause it, and take a picture (called a screen shot). So, here are some fun pictures we took. Now, we were playing multiplayer last night and told everyone to group together, so when we went back to see the footage, we could snap a group photo! I know...we're dorks, but it was fun!

Here is a picture of my character (Black Cat SIX is my gamertag)
I'm holding a detachable Gun Turret (machine gun) w/ a Gravity Hammer on my back!
Totally Awesome, huh?!

Here's one of Ben (w/ Rocket Launcher) and ME (w/ Hammer)
YES, I got him a few seconds later. ha ha

We're still getting everyone together.
And that's ME firing the gun turret (machine gun).

Ok, here's the best group photo:
L to R: Brian (Xx TERMINUS xX), Jason (CuBsFaN00), Ben (Beninator), Pat (Punisher Bump), Mark (DevilDriver 666), ME (Black Cat SIX), and Brad (rogue 122)

Ben just liked this one cuz it caught him in the air!

Everyone turned, but you can't see me cuz I'm in back.
So, there you have it! That's how we spent our FUN Friday Night...playing Halo 3, of course!


Anonymous said...

The one in blue looks awesome.... the pink is cool too.

SHUMERS said...

Very cook pictures. bet you guys had fun

SHUMERS said...

That is suppost to say "Very cool pictures" not so great in the spelling dept.

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! halo 3 has some great graphics!

Allison said...

Love the names you all have. Great outfits. My son is going to be so excited to see the shots this afternoon when I show him. By the way, you can see your pink foot in the last photo. Just wanted you to know that you DO have a presence in that photo. Not all was lost.

Kristy said...

Hi, I met you at the party last night. WE need to get your XBox name , my husband and brothers were playing til 3 in the morning last night. But we love playing people we know! Loving your blog,can't wait to catch up on more of it!