Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ward Campout

At the end of August, our ward had a campout at Camp LoMia in Pine, AZ (yep-where they have girls' camp). It was so much FUN!

Ashley loves climbing trees (well, all the kids do).

Ben & Me

Nathaniel found this huge log & rolled it over to the campfire. He actually wanted to add it to the fire, but we told him to just set it next to it. ha ha! Always trying to be helpful.

Ashley, Ashlynn (friend), and Felicia

Alyssa (friend), Ashlynn (friend), and Felicia being SILLY!

Ben turned and kissed me at the last second when I snapped this picture!

Nathaniel & Ashlynn were the first ones back from the long kids' hike because they ran the whole way down! WAY TO GO!

Anson was having a blast exploring! (At night, lots of kids called this the "scary" bridge. ha ha)

Nathaniel found this awesome caterpillar. I looked it up online and it's called a "Pamina Moth" or Automeris pamina. We kept it & brought it home with us. He named it Mr. Big. It was about to cocoon but then died. If it would have lived, this is what it would've turned into:

Isn't it pretty? The kids were sad, especially Nathaniel, when Mr. Big died. We were looking forward to seeing it transform.


Crazymamaof6 said...

wow way to go adding tons of pictures! excellent post! poor mr. big! that is a cool looking caterpillar!

SHUMERS said...

Camp Lomia is the best. bet you have a ton of good memories of it, I do.