Friday, September 28, 2007

Pack Meeting & Girls Night

We had fun at pack meeting last night. Apparently, every time one of the cub scouts receives a Wolf Badge, they get to "lap up" some whipped cream that always has a hidden treat and everyone shouts "Woof! Woof!" while they eat it. Nathaniel had been looking forward to this wonderful tradition! He actually kind of took his time savoring every mouthful. He was pleased to find 2 mini candy bars. He's so funny!

(Background paper from ShabbyPrincess)

We are SO PROUD of Nathaniel for all his hard work and his achievements in the scouting program! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

Nathaniel's also excited because my Dad (Grandpa Call) invited him to go on his ward campout... just the two of them. And they get to go fishing! Nathaniel can't wait for that because he even has his own fishing rod that he's bringing. I can just hear it now..."Grandpa, when are we going fishing?...Is it time to go fishing yet?...Can I get my fishing rod out, just to look at?...Grandpa, I love fishing!" He's such a silly boy!

Girls Night! Girls Night! Gotta Love the Girls Night Out! We went to R&R Pizza (Greenfield & Baseline) for dinner. Then we headed over to Janan's for treats, Halloween crafts & chatting. I had so much FUN! And we made some cute Halloween decorations. Well, I only made one, but I watched everyone else make more. ha ha. I have to buy some ribbon to finish it, then I will take a picture. I really enjoy being able to get out once a month to be with the Girls! We always have so much fun together & can talk about anything! It's so great! Being one of the "night owls" I didn't get home til 4:30am, just in time to wake up Ben to get ready for work. I only got to sleep for a couple hours then got up with the kids. So, yes, I'm tired today! But it's worth it!


SHUMERS said...

wow that is late. who did you go with anyone I know. Do you still keep in touch with Rachelle.

Crazymamaof6 said...

it was a good evening! i am so tired to day i napped for a couple hours! and would love to lay down again!

very cool page you did for Nathaniel.

Allison said...

You won the late nighter for this month. It was fun!! And I am loving the scrapbook pages. You should do one with you and your sweetie for Halo 3. You could show you two playing, have the case shown, even have the sign or store where you bought it from. I can see good things from that page. Have fun!!