Monday, September 21, 2009


Just popping in to say HOLLA!!!
{that's "Holl-ah" not "O-lah" like in Spanish}
heeee heeee

What have I been up to?

Ummm, let me see...
took Felicia to dentist last week & today

Felicia couldn't eat for half-hour after dentist today and it had to be liquids, so we went to the store & made chocolate shakes at home for her lunch (just so I wasn't feeding her soooo bad I added a little protein powder to make it a little healthy)

went on Ward Campout over the weekend at Camp LoMia in Pine, AZ
SO FUN!!! pics coming soon

had lunch w/ my sister & the cousins last week
{I look forward to these every month}

started going back to the gym
got the OK from podiatrist to work in a little cardio slowly

grabbed price list for massages while at the gym
{a girl can dream right?}

played bunko with the girls
didn't win big prize but got cute door prize

went to the Cannery

went to Enrichment & learned all about being prepared for Emergencies with "Grab-n-Go" Binders for important documents
more info HERE

thinking about getting a haircut

finally bought the books "Vampire Diaries" (split cost w/ sis)
started watching "Vampire Diaries" on the CW w/ sis
{new weekly ritual}

enjoying new Fall tv shows, so far
{yep, I'll admit, I'm a tv junkie!}

still trying to get pool from green to blue. UGH!!

OH and the BEST day ever - BEN came home early!!!! So, he's been home for 2 weeks instead of just one week!!!! Yipeeee!!!

So tell me what exciting things you've been up to?


Karen said...

If you want a massage - Brenn is licensed and comes to your HOUSE!! All for an affordable fee. If you are interested just let me know and I will give you her phone number.

How are the books?

Bunny Cates, said...

Well, one exciting thing for me....



Dinphy said...

O-kay... You asked for it...

-Called off a kids party three ours before it started, because my daughter got ill the night before her 7th birthday

-'Enjoyed' being sick myself, accompanied by husband and 3-yr old son Monday night and Tuesday.

- Cleaned out and emptied the kitchen on Wednesday and Thursday, as on Friday it went OUT. Including tiles etc. (check DSO gallery if you like...) ;)

-Lived without the kitchen that weekend. Had a fridge and ALL the mess you keep in a kitchen in my living room.

-Workmen walked in-and-out all Monday and Tuesday, and part of Wednesday (oh joy)

-Put everything back in the kitchen on Wednesday night and Thursday, including new flooring, as Saturday would be the belated b-day party.

-Cleaned the house on Friday. You do NOT want to know what a mess breaking out tiles leaves you with!

-Now have a good looking kitchen!

-Had a WONDERFUL, FUN party for my girl, everyone enjoyed it!

-Feeling relieved and winding down by playing at DSO.

As I said... You ASKED for it!

Hugs girl, and good luck with the pool!

Summer said...

Well, I finally blogged after a long hiatus, but need to do a catch up post like you did. Can I just say my fav part of the post is where you clarified you meant holla not hola. Hilarious!

Katrina said...

You have been busy!! How fun to have a ward campout at LoMia! And, I am definitely going to check out your link for those binders - such a good idea!

Anonymous said...

awww. i am so glad he got home early!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

and i am wanting to read those Vampire Diaries that you are talking about :)