Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last Chance & REVEAL

I just finished washing ALL the dirty dishes! Apparently, NO ONE can find the dishwasher! Uh-hem, it's right NEXT to the SINK (where all the dishes have been piled high)!!! Thank goodness for the Mama Mia soundtrack! I was singin' & dancin' while washing all those yucky dishes!!! My dogs kept lookin' at me kinda funny. Oh well. It made the time go by much faster :)

This is your LAST CHANCE to grab my PU Grab Bag for ONLY $3.
I decided to REVEAL what's INSIDE....

Ginger 'N Spice kit
Ginger 'N Spice Alpha tags
My FIRST set of Templates
I made them kind of simple so you can add whatever you want.

The DSO CT have been crazy busy making WONDERFUL layouts using the stuff in all the PU Bags! Here's some layouts using some of the goodies in my bag!
KayJaydo made these 2 gorgeous layouts

Kim made these 2 fantastic layouts
(this is where she got married - lucky lady it's such a beautiful place)

Vicki did these 2 awesome layouts

Thanks gals! You ROCK!!!!

Better Hurry! The super deal of $11 worth of NEW products for ONLY $3 is almost over!
Grab them before they go up in the store individually.

I'm off to put my face on. Gotta take my Mom to an appointment & run some errands!
Have a super fantabulous day!


KayJay said...

hihi, I LOVE that you did the dishes to Mamma Mia - I do the ironing to it, well I watch the film over and over again, makes ironing fun!! now I know it works for the dishes too!
Thanks for letting me play with your gorgeous bag btw.

Merrianne said...

that is SUCH a cute kit!

Bunny Cates, said...

update, we want an update
update, we want an update
*knock knock knock*