Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Pics, New Bargains, Layouts

We had a Fabulous Easter Sunday! The kids woke up to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them....baskets full of candy & the wonderous little toy bunnies that poop jelly beans! They were ecstatic!!! HAHAHA Cheap thrills :) They had already eaten TONS of candy before we even left for church mid-morning! I'm pretty sure most of the kids at church had a nutritious candy breakfast like our kids! And they all couldn't wait to get home to EAT More Candy! LOL Despite the wiggly kids, our class presented our Sharing Time during Primary, and my teaching partner gave a wonderful lesson in class about Christ's Atonement & Resurrection!

Hope y'all had a great day! Here's a couple pics Ben took before church while I was finishing getting ready.

Then I took these when we got home from church.
Ben was making weird faces & pretending to pick his nose behind me to get the kids to smile! It worked! Thanks Honey!
Ben and the munchkins!
Dang! They are growing way too fast! Nathaniel's already to my shoulder! {well not like that's a huge accomplishment, I'm only 5'4" but in this pic I am wearing small heels so it makes me a tiny bit taller}
Don't my little guys look so handsome in their new shirts & ties? Nathaniel never liked wearing a tie & I think he still doesn't. Anson just recently started wearing a tie and he LOVES it! He was excited to get another one! My girls look so beautiful in their new matching spring dresses!

Ben playing around because he wants picture-time to be OVER! You got it dear, we can all go in the house now & change clothes & EAT MORE CANDY! :)
We waited early evening to hide eggs. Well, I did all the hiding. Over 130 candy-filled plastic eggs in our front yard & carport! The kids can't wait to go out & find them all!
Felicia, Ashley & Anson were the ones to fill all the eggs. When they were done, Ashley asked me when her cousins were coming over to help find eggs. I told her that everyone was having the egg hunts at their own houses this year. She looked at me funny, then said, "You mean we did ALL THAT for NOTHING?!!" HAHHAHAHA I told her, "It was for nothing. Now you get to find them & have ALL the candy!" I was cracking up!

Ready...Set...GO!!! Anson & Ashley were first out the door finding the eggs right outside the porch. Felicia & Nathaniel burst thru the door running! {And it wasn't really that dark outside, the sun was just going down, still light enough to see, but our front porch isn't lit very well}
I started laughing when I saw this picture! Nathaniel was running fast! He found the most eggs!
See the full buckets! Felicia shared half of her bucket with Anson since he had the least. He still had a lot, but it looks less compared to the other totally full buckets! That was really nice of Felicia!
Eating all that candy was so tiring! Anson crashed on our bed. Here's proof that Ginger really does like Anson. She's curled up by him! {Usually she leaves the room or goes under my bed when Anson walks in. LOL}
Look what Felicia saved from our pool yesterday! A really cool grasshopper!
He got passed around a little, then released to a safe spot in the yard.

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Amanda's 'Cutie Pie' using Pocketful of Sunshine:
{Full Credits HERE}

DeeDee's 'Cousins' using Promenade:
{Full Credits HERE}

A few more layouts by some talented gals:
Renee's 'Domestic G' using Fresh Air
{Full Credits HERE}

LynO's 'My 5 Favorites' using Delightful
{Full Credits HERE}

Faith's 'Font Feb09 Challenge' using Delightful
{Full Credits HERE}

Renee's 'Treat' using Delightful
{Full Credits HERE}
Thanks again for letting me share your amazing layouts, ladies!


Renee said...

thanks, andrea - I really love using your kits :)

sparky says thanks for making her a star haha :)

see you soon at DSO!

Shanners said...

Your family is so beautiful. Looks like you had a great Easter. :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

cute ness! love the dresses. looks like a fun easter!

and how sweet of Felicia to share.

Anonymous said...

cute pictures!!!

abhall76 said...

Such great pictures! I am in the same boat as you are with Nathaniel with my oldest. I keep telling him to slow down, but does he? Of course not!

Thanks for sharing my "Cutie Pie" As soon as I saw the kit I had to do the challenge, because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. And it even turned out better than I had imagined!