Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt, SALE, Layouts, Challenges

Our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt this morning at the park. It was cold & rainy, but the Hunt was still on! We got there a few minutes late, and my kiddos were sad because all the eggs had been found already. Thankfully, a few boys from our ward & another friend decided to share some of their eggs with my kids. Awwww that was SO NICE! Being cold & wet, this was about as happy a picture I could get of them showing me their eggs. LOL
We hurried home so they could open all their eggs & munch on the yummy candy!

Easter is tomorrow!!!! So, I'm having an Easter SALE today & tomorrow!

I've been wanting to share some layouts using my products. I got permission from these sweet gals to showcase them here!

I got this layout from Jodiann using my Mimzy kit. Aren't those pics of her son stunning?!

These next layouts are all from Maggy.
This one was for last month's DSO Font Challenge uses my Delightful kit. Isn't he precious?
This one is for this month's DSO Font Challenge using my Play kit. They're such cute little artists!
This one was for last month's DSO Quote Challenge using my Play Addon. They look like they're all having so much FUN!
This one was for February's DSO Font Challenge using my What's Up kit. Sweet mama & baby bird!
Thanks gals for letting me share your Fabulous layouts!!

Check this out!!! DSO's 1st COLLAB kit! On SALE now for a limited time!
This kit is the first 2009 Collab by our DSO Designers. Contributing designers include: Beth Long, Andrea Dickinson, Jazzy, Kim Broedelet, Livia Yamada, Lynn Powell, Melanie Chynoweth, and Shannon Neparko.
This spring kit is all about the water. Both watery skies and water-colors! Gorgeous watercolored elements will make this one a fun one to work with for SURE!
I'm a little late posting about this, but Livia has been posting Gorgeous FREE QP's on the DSO BLOG - 1 each day. There's only ONE day left & if you hurry you can grab it! Then I think they're all going in the store.

I have the new Challenges posted at DSO.
Here's the Posting Bonus you can get FREE for participating in the Font Challenge:
And here's the Posting Bonus you can get FREE for participating in the Quote Challenge:
If you earn BOTH Posting Bonus prizes, then you'll have ONE whole kit because they are coordinating!
Whew! This has taken me a while. Ok now I gotta go celebrate my nephew's birthday. Poor guy fractured his foot playing at the park yesterday! And due to his injury & the uncooperating weather, we are having his party indoors.
HAPPY EASTER!!!!! Hope the Easter Bunny brings you lots of yummy treats!


Pamela said...

What pretty pages from your kits and the collab looks AWESOME!! Nicely done. I just wanted to stop by and wish you all a happy and blessed Easter :-)

Jodiann said...

Yippee! Thanks for posting my LO on your blog! This is just SO cool!!

Happy Easter!