Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The BEST Day Ever

Or is it?

First thing this morning I went to the dentist with Ashley for our teeth cleaning. It's always fun to feel the sharp pokey thing scraping your teeth! And to be reminded that I need a crown for one of my molars. Since I can't afford a beautiful shiny crown, the dentist recommended that I have my filling re-filled. So, they will drill out my filling that is chipped and then put in a new filling. Ashley has an infected tooth, so she needs it pulled. Wwe both go back on Monday to get our work done. YAY!!! NOT.

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I canNOT stand ANYTHING SpongeBob.
Why? UGH he is so ANNOYING to me! His voice especially drives nails into my brain. I honestly can't believe that show is still on.

So, you can imagine my DELIGHT when Ben shows me that he just downloaded THIS song (and THIS and THIS) for Rock Band 2. Now I get to listen to the kids singing those song over and over again. I have to admit that Anson was SO CUTE when he ran to tell me all about the newest songs and when he sang 'Best Day Ever' with the microphone. I think we may have to turn down the volume for these songs or I fear that my ears will begin to bleed. LOL
Ok onto something more fun. Yesterday we took the kids to the park to teach them to play basketball (half-court). Ben & I picked our teams, which of course went quickly because there aren't many to choose from. I ended up with the older kids and Ben had the youngers. Periodically, Anson & Ashley would take off to the slides leaving Ben by himself. Not like he needs more players but it was fun with all the kids. We ended up switching teams mid game, boys vs girls (the way the kids really wanted it). We had so much FUN!! The boys won 11-9. Then we played H-O-R-S-E. Ben & I kept giggling when the kids called each other by the letters they had earned. Nathaniel would say 'I'm a HO' and Felicia would say 'No you're not! You're a HOR and I'm a HO!' tee hee :) They kept asking what was so funny! HAHAHAHA We were dying! Anyway, it came down to Ben & me and I WON because Ben missed his last shot! WOOHOOO!!!!!!


Lynn, LPand3dogs Designs-Digi Scrap Obsession said...

Good luck on Monday at the dentist!


I was hoping Mr Spongebob would hurry and grow old and die from some horrific didease!!! Can't stand him either......

What a fun family day minus the dentist:)

Jessica DuHamel said...

lol!!! Our house is the complete opposite....we WORSHIP Spongebob!! Actually, it's playing on my tv right now lol!! When my hubby was in Iraq I'd make sure every care package I sent him included a Spongebob item....that's how much we LOVE Spongebob hehe! Anyhoo, I had fun reading this post. =)


TheMommason said...

LOL Thanks for the freebies and just so you know I know have this song in my head... Thanks lol

Oh and we made Employee of the month the unoffical Employee of the month song.. ( I play it on my iPhone when there isn't anyone too important at our monthly meeting LOL