Monday, March 16, 2009

Anniversary, Birthdays, Bunko, Spring Break

Yesterday, Ben & I celebrated our 13th Anniversary! WOW I can't believe it's been that long already! And we dated for about a year and a half. Goodness! Look how YOUNG we look in our wedding photo!! And we thought we were so mature & grown up for barely being 21. HAHAHA

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BEN!!! I LOVE YOU so much! Here's to many more wonderful years with you!!!

Ok, now I'm going to back track a little. Since I haven't been posting regularly, I want to remember some of what's been going on these last 2 weeks.

My Mom had her Birthday March 3rd. I made her a beaded necklace, so I asked her to model it for me. I Love my Mom and couldn't possibly name all the amazing & wonderful things she has done for me. She has ALWAYS been there for me and I think she's the BEST!!! Hope you had a Fantastic Birthday Mom!!!

Our Little Bunny had her Birthday on March 6th! Now Ashley is 7. She also got to have her first sleepover. We let her choose one friend to come spend the night. They were so cute together!

I took this pic before she left for school. She is growing so fast, and keeps getting prettier & prettier!
Ashley blowing out her '7' candle. Suddenly I couldn't find all of our little candles to go with it.
She wanted a white cake with purple frosting and strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting. For the last several years, I've made the kids a cake and cupcakes, but they get special cupcakes just for them. I put numbers on their cupcakes 1 for each year. Ashley loved her 7 pink cupcakes!

Last week, we bought a football to teach the kids how to play. So, for Family Home Evening, we played football in our front yard {Girls vs Boys}. Can you guess who won?
GIRLS!!!!! 35-28! WOOHOOOOO!!!!! They were such CUTE little footballers! Ashley did NOT want to catch the ball at all, but she enjoyed running, blocking & sometimes throwing the ball. Felicia did great too, throwing, catching, running, blocking, tagging! You name it, she did it! The boys did good too, but apparently not as good as the girls! HAHAHAHAA

The main thing is that we ALL had a Blast and they want to do it every Monday now!

Felicia had to finish up one of her art projects at home and was upset and thinking it wasn't turning out the way she had hoped. When I asked her to show me, I was STUNNED!
Seriously, she thought this looked like crap! I had to give her a little pep talk and remind her that anything she makes could never look bad! She is talented!

Another one bites the dust....LOL Anson has been trying his hand at guitar on Rock Band 2 lately. I saw him practicing with the girls and couldn't resist capturing this! He was also swaying with the music!
Ummm who does he think he is going shirtless....Aerosmith? HAHAA

Really, he's good at drums & now he loves singing too! His faves are the heavy metal songs! Cracks me up!!! We're teaching 'em at a young age! tee hee :)

Here's my beautiful Spring garland that Jen helped me make! I didn't notice until after I hung it, but somehow during all our chatting and laughing (while making it) I mixed up the paper for the 'n' and 'g' so it's not consistent with the alternating pattern. Oh well, I think it's still beautiful!

Well, my FIRST time hosting Bunko went surprisingly smoothly. My sister was going to have all the kids spend the night at her place, but she had been sick so she cancelled. Then my Mom said she would have the kids over to her house for a while to watch movies then Ben could pick them up when they were done. YAY!! So we didn't have to worry about what to do with the kids all evening. Thanks MOM!!!

We all had a great time & laughed tons! Dinner was delicious (if I say so myself - hahaha). We had Hawaiian Haystacks {big THANKS to all who brought items}, Hawaiian sweet rolls {sorry I didn't make them, bought them from Fry's}, unusually large fresh strawberries, tropical punch {made by Alicia}, soda, and lemonaide cake for dessert.

Oooh and I won HIGH Score! WOOHOOOO!!!! Here's the prize I chose:
I guess everything didn't go exactly as planned. Somehow, I miscounted the door prizes and was short one. Sorry Alicia (how did we miss that???) I will get another prize for you! Apparently, I'm not the only one who has done that before. Whew! Guess that means I'm not the only dork in the group. LOL
Friday evening my Sister had leave work to go to the Emergency Room for a serious asthma attack. {I'm guessing it wasn't toooooo scary because after my Dad picked her up from work they stopped at Filiberto's on the way to the hospital to get some Mexican food since they knew they would be at the ER a while & would probably miss dinner. What the heck??? Always thinking about food - those two crack me up!} She was able to come home Saturday afternoon and is doing better. They sent her home with several medications and hopefully she'll be feeling better soon! Love ya SIS!!!!

Saturday started our SPRING BREAK!!!! No school (Ben's off work too) for a whole week! YAY!! We have needed a break. Feel like we've all been going and going like that cute little Energizer Bunny!

We all slept in Saturday morning. Dang that felt good! {Well, except for Ben, poor guy still had to work then he has a week off} To my surprise, Nathaniel & Felicia wanted to pull weeds!!! I didn't even ask them or anything! Ok, seriously, don't judge...Ben pours weed killer around our pool every year but it doesn't seem to help with these monster weeds! They seriously pop up overnight and double in size daily!
Nathaniel and Felicia came running in the house and told me to 'come quick & bring the camera'! They were excited to pull these bad boys & kept assigning names according to the size of their roots! Apparently, this was a 'General' because the root was big and thick! HAHA

They had a name for each one they pulled, but I can't remember them now. They are funny!

Nathaniel is out there again today pulling more weeds.

My best friend, Karyn, sent me a gift card for Old Navy and a couple coupons last week. So I went shopping Saturday evening with Felicia and bought a few things for me! Thank You Karyn for the late birthday gift! That kind of gift is welcomed no matter how late!!!! ☺
Ooops this turned out way longer than I wanted. If you made it this far, Kudos to you! And Thanks!
Have a wonderful week! And if you're on Spring Break too, then have a FUN & SAFE Spring Break!!!
Leaving you with this funny video that reminds me of something Ashley would do. She also thought this was HILARIOUS!!!


Crazymamaof6 said...

funny movie!
silly would do that too! i won't show her or she'll want to.

happy anniversary!

bunko was rad! and it was delicious!

rad on the weed pulling, if they run out, they can come over here, we have loads.

that is a rad art project Felicia made, and that is awesome anson plays now.

whoohoo for family night football.

charlie said...

wow lovely lady that was some post..congrats on the aniversary..gotta love those early pics ;) happy birthday to your daughter and I hope you enjoy spring break?Sorry cant see the video at the moment as having issues with the pluggins to see it..nice to see you back bloogging..take care Charliexxx

Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary, you two are too cute together!

Love the Spring garland, I can't wait for Spring to arrive in its entirity! ;)

Thanks for coming by today!

snowflake said...

I love the wedding pic! And Felicia and her picture is so cute.

Dinphy said...

It sure was a big post, but I enjoyed reading it. :)

My comment will be as long! ;)

*** Happy Anniversary! ***
That photo is so cute, I love your hair and dress!

* Happy birthday to your mum, and to Ashley!
Now the big question... was there any sleeping done during the sleepover? :)

* I think that with one member of your football team not wanting to catch the ball, it's awesome you won! Woohoo! ;)

* Now to Felicia I can only say that I wished I could draw and color like that! I noticed the photo before I read that part, and thought she was showing off a present she got, like a poster from a childrens-book character.
It's AWESOME, and so creative!

* Love the photo of the little Aerosmith. lol. Exactly what I was thinking. That face he makes is priceless too.

* If you hadn't told me about the alternating pattern, I would have thought it was intended to be irregular... It's a beautiful garland!!

* Can't you send Nathaniel and Felicia over for some weed pulling? ;)

* Enjoy your Spring Break!!

Shanners said...

Happy Anniversary!
I love Felicia's artwork, and that pic of Anson is adorable! Bunko sounds like fun. :) I remember my mom played Bunko for a while, and once, she asked me to come sit in for someone who couldn't come. I was a teen and enjoyed the night w/ Mom and her friends.