Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Groundhog Day!


I don't really care if the groundhog sees his shadow or not.

I'm excited because each year we go to my parents' house for dinner and watch Groundhog Day!! I LOVE that movie! It's hilarious!!

This is one of my favorite parts of the movie. When he's totally going crazy & kidnaps the groundhog - Punxsutawney Phil - and lets him *drive*! LOL

Oh and my Mom's making *sliders* (think Popeye and his friend, Wimpy, who eats all those little tiny hamburgers) and all the fixin's! I'm making Rice Krispy treats! YUMMY!!!

{I'm sad because my sister has to work, so she won't be there. We'll miss ya Christy!}


tammy said...

I never ever remember about it being Groundhog Day now that I don't live where it's snowy and cold. My boys should see this movie.

J9 said...

Loved the movie too, but I have to say I think it's unwarranted to drag poor Phil out of his burrow every year, wake him up and hold him aloft. Oh well.
Great fun family tradition.