Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day & SALE

That darn wagon! These silly kids keep loading it up with blankets & pillows, then sit & read outside! Even when it's COLD {cold for us}. Felicia & Ashley were bundled up reading some favorite books when Anson decided he wanted to join the party! HAHAHA {at least they're reading & having a good time}
Thursday after school, the kids had a candy assembly line to fill the goodie bags for their classes.
A scoop of candy conversation ♥s, some red hots & a couple Hershey kisses.
Here's what they look like all done with their cards attached {I stayed up late at night making the cards, printing, cutting, hole punching & lastly attaching them with twistie ties}. Aren't they darling?
Whew! It's a lot of work putting together nearly 100 of these! Can't wait til next year when Anson's in school too. Oh well, it's all worth it because the kids LOVED them when they woke up & saw them finished!

Thursday was also HEATHER's Birthday {my SIL}!!!! We enjoyed some cake & ice cream together last night at my MIL's house. Hope you had a WONDERFUL Birthday, Heather!!!
{this pic was taken on Christmas 2008}

I decided to make her card this year. Here's the front:
I used my 'Delightful' kit {the Posting Bonus for completing the DSO Quote Challenge this month} and the Flower Punches my Mom gave me for Christmas! YAY!! LOVE THEM!!

Here's the inside:
{I also used Jazzy's Birthday Card Sentiment wordart}

It's ♥Valentine's Day♥
I'm having a 30% off SALE
The sale starts TODAY and ends MONDAY at midnight!

My Bargain Bin items aren't included in the SALE
but they're ONLY 99 cents!

I'd LOVE to know what your Valentine plans are? Do you like to go out? We don't have any big plans this year because Ben has to work, as usual. But the kids have Monday off school {Presidents' Day} so we'll have some fun family time.

It's LATE I must go to bed.
I have so many things I need to get done in the morning.
Cleaning the house. YUCK!
Laundry. YUCK!
{well I don't mind doing the laundry, it's the folding, hanging up & putting everything away - or trying to get the kids to put their own stuff away - that I don't like}
Prearing my Primary Lesson.
Writing Anson's Talk for Primary.
Help Felicia write her Talk for Primary.
How did we get 2 talks in the same week?
And Nathaniel has the Article of Faith for Primary.
We're taking over in Primary this week! HAHAHA
Grocery shopping. UGH!
Make ♥Valentine♥ treats for my Primary kiddos.
{that's the FUNNEST thing on my whole list}


tammy said...

Cute cute cards!

Anonymous said...

The V-day cards turned out so cute, a job well done.

Happy ♥ Day to you and yours!

Jen said...

Those vday cards are soo cute!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Happy Valentines day!
cute bags of treats. and cards! WHOOHOO!

gray-gang said...

Wow Andrea, You are so stinkin creative! Those Valentine cards turned out so cute! All that hard work was definetly worth it!

Renée said...

gosh I love all this stuff :) you have a wonderful family! thanks for visiting my blog :)

Melberry said...

Andrea, thanks for always making me smile, and for all your encouraging remarks to everyone at DSO (including me). I'm only sorry I don't tell you often enough! Awards for you on my blog today!!

Kim B said...

Ahhh Andrea those Valentine bags look AWESOME! Sheee's between you and Beth you girls must have been cutting etc for days! LOL
Great Card for your sis too!

popped in to say hi

Joni said...

Hi Andrea,
I have a Totally Awesome Blog Award on my blog for you.

Mel said...

Hi Andrea,
man, you are one creative chicky aren't you? Those look awesome!
Swing by my blog when you get the chance cause you been tagged!!
Check out the rules here

abhall76 said...

Feel free not to approve this, just wanted to stop in and say that I noticed that there have been no new posts in a while and I hope all is well with you and your family.