Saturday, July 18, 2009

Updates & NEW Stuff

First, THANK YOU for all the kind thoughts & prayers sent our way. My Sister is recovering well from her surgery. She came home Sunday afternoon and stayed at our parents' house all week. She's doing so good that we were able to squeeze in our cousins' lunch too. It's always fun to see them & laugh for a couple hours! Christy had her follow-up doctor visit and got the OK to go back to work (sorry sis but you knew it was coming - LOL) and drive again. YAY!! Now she can feel independent again with her own car.

I've been trying to help my Dad by taking my Mom to some of her appointments so he can actually get some work done. This has been a BUSY week. My Mom has had several appointments EVERY day. I'm glad I am able to help out though. Plus it's time I get to spend with my Mom :)

We're trying to squeeze in our appointments before school starts again. {Yikes that's coming up quick - Aug 12th.} Nathaniel had his retainer adjusted since more teeth have been growing in. Nathaniel, Felicia & Anson all have their well visit next week. I had my yearly woman exam, then needed a sonogram (NO I'm NOT prego not even close). I've had painful monthly ovarian cysts since I was 21. Turns out I may have endometriosis now. My Dr wants to do laparoscopy to check for sure and if so, then blast any unwanted cells. {OUCH!} I also had my 3rd MRI on my left foot because of my dang toe joint that hurts. I have Freiberg's Disease and the pain just keeps getting worse. I'll be having surgery soon to remove part of the 2nd metatarsal head. Don't know how close together I can do these procedures, but I'll get it worked out. I'm going forward with the foot surgery first.

Ok enough with the blah blah blahs. LOL

DSO is still having their Designer Call and Site CT Call until July 31st

If you want a chance to sell your designs at DSO or love scrapping and want to be part of the DSO Store Creative Team, go apply now before it's too late! Good Luck ☺
DSO has a couple new talented designers in the store this week!!! WOOHOOOO!!!!

Sassy Sarah aka Designs by Sassy has joined us! YAY!!!
See what's new in her STORE

And one of my *online* designing buddies - Charlie (aka Charlie's Digiscraps) has joined the DSO team also! We've gotten to know each other thru blogging and at our fave digiscrap place DSO!!! Welcome aboard sweetie!
See what she's added to her STORE already

Oh I almost forgot, there's a couple new treasures in the store too!
Kim & Gaye (two very talented & creative sisters) have joined forces and created this amazingly beautiful Toof Fairy Collab kit:

You don't want to miss out on this kit!
It's so incredible & with so many hand-drawn elements!!!
{There are LOTS more pictures & close-ups HERE
& some FREE add-ons on their blogs!}
Ya know what?
This kit would go perfectly with this month's DSO Quote Challenge!
{hint - it's about *toothless grins*}

Bunny created this amazing poem wordart in this same theme:

Jazzy also has some darling Toof Fairy wordart

To see all the new designs go HERE

I also wanted to share some lovely layouts using my Hokey Pokey kit:

Renee's Flowering Cactus

Michelle (aka SunshineState) Birds of a Feather

{she won my kit at DST}
Bunny playing with glue again, made this darling hybrid box

I also want to do a little shout out to my brother-in-law:


Hope it's a good one!!! Have a safe trip home!


Michelle said...

I'm glad you like my lo with your cute kit! Thanks again for the RAK!

charlie said...

wow what a post!
Firstly hope you and Fam get well soon ..not nice to be not 100% well
secondly I love love your Hokey Pokey kit!
and thirdly thanks for the pimp ..mwahhh
I'm so excited to be at DSO and working with you too!

LouCeeCreations said...

Hello Andrea, my golly what a lot of hospital visits, I got tired just reading them.... Glad your Mom is a little better.
some pretty layouts you have there too!

Anonymous said...

i am so sad for you andrea! i hope you keep us posted on your surgeries so if you need us to sneak some chipotle in we can be there!! i hope all is well and you are feeling better in no time. if you need any help with your kids, i would love to help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Updates! that sounds awful about your foot!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could somehow get out there & help you out.