Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Sister

went to the ER this morning (my Dad took her). She was having extreme abdominal & chest pains - a gall bladder attack. They gave her some pain meds, so she's feeling a little better. I felt so bad for her when she called me this morning. She could hardly talk because of the pain.
She had a sonogram and it's definitely gall stones. They have scheduled her for surgery in a few hours. I think they are removing her gall bladder.
Please keep her in your thoughts & prayers. Thank you!
P.S. I've been posting updates (as I get them from my Dad via txt msg) on My Facebook
{pics sent from my Dad's cell phone}


Janel said...

I had my gallbladder removed because of gallstones about 12 years ago, that pain is no joke! I seriously thought I was dying, it was SO scary! After I got it removed, the pain was gone but I'm still dealing with digestion issues, but I'd rather that than the pain. Luckily the surgery was really no big deal, I had it done laproscopically. Modern medicine rocks!

charlie said...

sending ((get well quickly)) vibes your way!

J9 said...

That kind of pain DOES make it hard to breathe. I'm so glad it's over for her. I had it years ago, much worse, and I have a huge whopping 7" scar! Plus another one from the drain tube I had to have after. Ewww, I know, but it was the dark ages of gall bladder surgery, what can I say? So much better than that punched in the stomach pain!
Even though the lapro incisions are smaller, make sure she takes the time to heal, because it is STILL surgery, and sometimes your body gets testy about being messed with. Rest, no trying to be 'look how quickly I'm up' superwoman. Trust me on this.
All best wishes your way!