Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm still here...

My poor bloggy has been so neglected this last month :(

I just wanted to check in and let you know we're all enjoying our summer break with the kids home. I have been using a point/reward system and it's working fabulously!!!

I reward *points* {they're really pennies - not allowed to be used as money per say} for certain things the kids do or how they behave. I never take points away once they've been earned. At the end of the day or the next morning, then I hand out the points. Each kiddo has a container with their name on it.

Then they get to *use* their points for fun things like xbox time, computer time, candy from the grab bag, sleepovers, etc.

When I first came up with this idea 2 summers ago, Ben called me Hitler. hahaha Said I was being too strict or whatever. But you know what? When I first mentioned it to the kids they were excited! Then when we put it in action, oh my gosh, they were ecstatic!!!

The kids. Love. The. Points!

I can see why Ben may have thought the points were too much because the kids have to do workbooks {to review their school year}, read books, do book reports, chores, and actually behave the way they're supposed to. And they're not allowed to *use* points until they've done a couple *work* type things, like their workbook and reading time. But they dig it & its totally working for us! YAY!!!

I only do points during the summer to maintain some kind of order {I am not a schedule person, I LOVE not having a schedule and get to plan whatever I want to do each day}. You know what's funny? A couple months before school was over, the kids start asking about summer points! Are we going to do points again this summer? Can we add more things to the list to earn more points? What kind of grab bag candy will we have this year? Can we help pick it out? etc etc!

What kind of system do YOU use in the summer? Or do you have something else that's working for you?

Do share.

Ok 'nuff about that. I need to get to bed. Sounds like the girls (Ashley & her friend that's spending the night) are finally quieting down. My clue that I can go to bed now. LOL Did your Mom ever tell you that she couldn't go to bed until YOU were in bed? My Mom did all the time, now I kinda get what she meant. tee heee :)

Tomorrow - going to lunch with my sis & cousins! WOOHOOOO!!! I look forward to these each month!

Friday - bunko with the girls!!! YAY!!! Can't wait!!!

Oh one more thing... do you remember this post about our cool praying mantis?

Well, she laid an egg sac on Halloween night last year. We looked online to find out when it may hatch. Turns out we'd have to wait until spring! Well spring came and went - according to Arizona weather. So we didn't think anything would happen with it. Suddenly, little praying mantis babies started hatching earlier this month! We had about 10 (approx one hatching per day). Nathaniel was so excited and such a good bug papa by feeding them little tiny bugs and aphids (they're favorite), but then some of them started dying. I guess nature weeding out the weakest ones. So now there are 2 left and they're growing every day! They are so cute!!! I'll post pics later.

I seriously need to go to bed. Ok I've updated my pathetic lonely blog. Hopefully I'll be back soon to update more!


mindy said...

What a great reward system! I am always keeping my eyes open for ideas like that to use when the time comes. Thanks! Sounds like your summer is off to a good start and you have an eventful few days ahead. Have Fun!!

Shanners said...

Sounds like you have a great system. Last summer, we had no schedule and pretty much lounged all summer. This summer, I've planned an activity for most of our days. As far as points/rewards - I'm so bad! The kids have jobs that they're responsible for, and we pay allowance based on their performance - but I often forget to mark on their charts what they've done, and allowance averages out to every 3 weeks instead of weekly. :( I've got to work on that!

Ondria said...

Glad to see you're back. That sounds like the system we're doing. But we call them gems instead of points because I use the glass beads from the dollar store. My kids are loving it too and so am I. They'll do stuff when I ask so that they can get a gem.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i'm still slacking on my points system.

totally awesome your kids Love IT!
can't wait for bunko! wanna ride together?

and WHoohoo on the praying mantis! very cool can't wait for pics.

see you at movie fun!