Friday, December 2, 2011

A Little Post

HA! It's been almost a year since my last post! It's just so much easier to send short updates to facebook (from my phone) than post on my little blog.

Well, I'm most certain that my computer has crashed! I've been hijacking Ben's computer the last 2 weeks. Mine won't even boot up anymore. It keeps asking for a Windows boot disk, but since my CD Rom took a dump a couple years ago, I can't use a boot disk. So, now I'm ready to ditch my cute pink computer tower and clunky monitor that was around when dinosaurs were still here (ok maybe not that old, at least it's has a flat screen but still thick and clunky like the old TVs) and upgrade to a laptop! I'd say that's a pretty good Christmas and Birthday combo gift. I'm used to combos since my birthday is only a week and a half after Christmas.

If anyone has any tips or knows of a good deal on laptops or what NOT to buy, please let me know! THANKS!! Oh and I don't have a very big budget, so please don't send me links to amazing stuff I can't afford, it will just make me drool and cry. :(

Let the hunt begin...


Anonymous said...

Hun, does the other computer have a cd drive? LOL, why not move it over to your pc and fix it. Save you a bundle.
What brand of laptop, Asus, Apple,? How much can you afford? Best Buy has good deals. Be sure to tell the sales rep that you use adobe photo shop, so he'll direct you to a computer that won't crash when you use any graphics program...and get plenty of memory. Make sure the cpu thats the processing unit, is top grade to so you are not waiting forever to save.

Andrea said...

Thanks! I think my comp got a virus that my antivirus program didn't catch because it's been freezing, flashing to a blank blue screen, and resetting itself and more lately. I need Ben to take it apart and see if he can read anything using his comp. I think he may have something going on with his comp too cuz it's been REALLY slow and locking up too. UGH!! The joys of electronics!