Tuesday, March 9, 2010

News & Spring is almost here!

I’ll start with the shocking news…

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, my Dad met someone online, they met and immediately became engaged. They have recently set the date for May 20th to get married. It’s been kind of difficult dealing with this. My sister and I have been trying to be happy for our Dad but it’s still too fast for us. But it’s what he wants, so there’s no changing his mind. She will be visiting here March 18-26th, so that’s when we’ll get to meet her.

Good News…

I finally removed the hangers, bagged, and donated all of my Mom’s clothes. It was 2 huge trash bags plus a bag for her shoes.

DSC_0753 DSC_0756

Fun news…

I shopped for bunko prizes last week. Then I hosted bunko at my house on Friday. It was a blast! And I got a cute prize (I really wanted to keep all of them)!


On to sweeter news…

My darling Ashley had her 8th birthday over the weekend. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing and changing. She has been wanting secret journals, so she received a couple of those. You know the kind that has a mini key with it? She thinks they are so cool. She also got a Moxie doll (like a Barbie doll but with changeable heads) and an iCarly notebook, but I forgot to buy some batteries, so she hasn’t used it yet. I think you have to use a passcode to get it open, then you can write your notes in it. My sister also found a gift & card that my Mom had bought for Ashley before she died. So, Christy was able to give that to her. It’s a necklace with a charm and inside is a mustard seed with a quote attached that reads, “If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Ashley was so excited!!! I love the one I got just like it when I was 8 from my Aunt Wendy. I still have it.

DSC_0760 Enjoying breakfast (homemade Belgian waffles) with her BFF that spent the night.DSC_0764 Playing a little xbox.DSC_0766Eating lunch after the makeover her sister gave her. DSC_0770her bday cake (rainbow chip with rainbow chip frosting) DSC_0771The whole gang! DSC_0774blowing out 8 candles. DSC_0780her Moxie doll. DSC_0784some wall scrapbook kits DSC_0786Ashley with Grandma and Grandpa Stradling              DSC_0792 Ashley & me DSC_0794Ashley & Ben

And because Ashley turned 8, she will be getting baptized this Saturday. She is thrilled!

Decluttering news…

Ben & I helped the kids go thru their closets & dressers to gather all the clothes that don’t fit them. We filled 7 trash bags!!! {well 2 or 3 were already filled with baby/toddler clothes just waiting to be donated}. Ben dropped off ALL the clothing for donations yesterday! It really feels good to get all that stuff OUT of the house that we weren’t using. Now, if I can just get the computer room organized. Hmmmm. That’s for another day. LOL

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Mel said...

Hi Andrea! I am loving those Easter themed PB's, just gorgoeus!
And a big Happy Birthday to Ashley!!

Anonymous said...

aww ... happy birthday Ashley! She looks like she had fun!! and i used to LOVE my Secret Diaries, too!

Anonymous said...

aww ... happy birthday Ashley! She looks like she had fun!! and i used to LOVE my Secret Diaries, too!

Ging said...

I know this is a difficult time for you guys. My kids had a tough time too. We too, met on the internet. Fell in love and married exactly two months of our first date. Holli moved to UT, just felt too weird for her. All my kids stuggled. I know it has been so soon since your mom died, and that is probably why it has been a little shocking. Men have a harder time being alone, I think. Especially when they have been happily married. He knows what he is missing. Hang in there, it will take time, but I know you want your dad to be happy. Have your hubby give you a blessing. Heavenly Father will bless and comfort you. You have a great husband and family that love you and will give you much comfort. Your dad deserves to be happy too. Hang in there, Andrea, it will be ok. Please give Louise a chance. I'm sure she is a great person. No one can replace your mom. Just another person to love you and your family!

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

Andrea you are in my prayers my friend. I know that it's hard to understand, I would find it difficult too.

LouCeeCreations said...

Aaaah Andrea, it must have been tough writing the first part of your post. It is hard to imagine your Dad with another, especially when you are grieving so. My Dad met a wonderful lady after my mum died, it was around 7 months after. I hated the thought and then realised how much good she was for him, he became Dad again after helping my mum through cancer. He was alive, chirpy and doing lots of things. Although I was not happy with the two being together, I soon realised how wrong I was. Andrea, I know you think this is so very very soon, but in time you will know what is mean't to be.
Hey girl, your posting bonus's are awesome!

Dinphy said...

Aw Andrea, of course that feels soon!
You're dealing with cleaning out her clothes and he's already seeing another woman... I can so imagine you and your sister are having a difficult time dealing with that.
And of course it's great your dad doesn't sit around, and that he goes to enjoy life. No one can judge on how and how long a person grieves.
But I can so understand it would have been easier on you, had there been a bit more time gone by first.

Big hugs, hang in there.
From your stories I just know you'll manage, you're a strong woman, and have a wonderful supportive family.

What a lovely photo's of Ashley's birthday! Congratulations to her!
Wow, wall scrapbook kits, never heard of them, but they sure look fun! So she's now following in your footsteps. :)

tammy said...

Bunko was so.much.fun!

Yay on decluttering! I got rid of three more bags of clothes this week. I need to work on the extra garage before it gets too hot.

Sharon-shutterbug said...

Just have to second Ging's comments, and I could have written LouCee's. My beloved mother-in-law died from multiple cancers after a brief battle with them, 5 years ago. Within the year, Dad met and became engaged to a woman 20 years younger than him, and it came as quite a shock to his children. However, she has been absolutely wonderful for him - he's seeming younger and healthier and more active, I guess trying to keep up with her! :) They say the happier a marriage was, the quicker a man will be to remarry (or something to that effect). So miss your mom, but embrace this new woman in your dad's life and realize he's not trying to replace your mom. God bless!

Bunny Cates, bunnycates.com said...

Yay on the cleaning out Andrea. I know you were sad to do it, but its just one more step in the healing process. I have nothing but hugs for you girl!

SUPER yay on getting rid of the kids clothes too! Sis unpacks and soon as I pack, it makes me insane!

I wish I would have realized it was Ash's bday BEFORE it was- we would have sent her something. When you let the kids on FBook, make sure she adds Sis, they would be great friends!


Luvin you my friend. Looking forward to you getting back online some.

Hugs hugs.

PS -
email me all your birthdays so we can put you on our card list!

Lilas Conuts said...

Hello from Nouméa, thanks for sharing

Dinphy said...

So quiet around here, and no challenges for May... You're dearly missed!
Hope you and yours are okay, and you just need some time.