Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Year Older & Wiser


hahaha yeah right! JUST OLDER! I finally found my FIRST white hair a few months ago! YIKES!!! Although, I have yet to see it grow back {of course I plucked it for safe keeping}.

Ok now I have finally caught up with my dear OLD hubby!

His birthday was the week of Thanksgiving and now mine.

I tease him that he’s OLD, but then a month and a half later – I “catch up!” LOL

By the way, do you like my new playlist? Enjoy it while you can because it will only play TODAY!

{maybe if I give enough hints – hubby will get that cake for me! I’ve already printed the $3 off coupon & will be placing it where he can easily find it. heee heee}

**I also want to add a BIG “THANK YOU” to all who have sent kind, loving emails, cards, meals and donations to my Mom’s Fund. My family and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!

♥((BIG HUGS))♥

My sister, brother, uncle and I spoke {I was so nervous and it took me days to prepare for it} at my Mom’s service and a dear family friend sang several songs {he is so amazing} and it was beautiful. I’m so grateful that my brother and his wife were able to be here. I wish they could’ve stayed longer, but they needed to get back to their kids. Can’t wait til they can visit again this summer!


KayJay said...

That cake looks delicious! Tell Ben I'll come and step on his toes, if he doesn't get the "subtle" hint"!

BUT first...
Happy Happy Birthday
may all your dreams and wishes come true!

I'm pleased to hear the funeral service was beautiful, I was thinking of you.

Sending more huge hugs (as I am sure today is as difficult as it is special)
PS: I only get to tease my dh for 5 days that he is "old" and then I catch up, so I hope you milk it! ;o)

Merrianne said...

Happy Birthday Andrea!~ i hope you get that cake!!!! haha!

You did a great job on your talk! so did Christy, Spencer and Gary. The funeral was such a sweet and Spiritual one. I know your mom was so proud of everything and felt so special and loved.

I can't wait to see you, and everyone else, again!!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

Happy Birthday! lunch was super fun today!

Dinphy said...

Happy belated birthday!

It's good to hear the funeral service was a beautiful one, and your brother got to be there too.
Even in this hard time, you still manage to sound uplifting and positive, I truly admire you for that!

Well, I can't tease my hubby. (no way I catch up 8 years! lol!)
But we do have a friend I tease, so I can sure see the fun! Heehee.

All the best to you and your family Andrea, and big HUGS.

charlie said...

Happy Birthday lovely lady may all your wishes come true!