Thursday, November 19, 2009

NEW MOON tonight!


Today is going to be BUSY but full of FUN!

I need to shower & get dressed for the day.


Call doctor because he forgot a stitch in my bellybutton & it hurts. {had laparoscopy & cystoscopy last Friday} Ben tried to help me get it out last night, but that didn’t go so well. :(

Go buy some groceries.

Drop off case of water bottles to school for teachers’ luncheon.


Pick up sister for cousins lunch!

Eat lunch & laugh til it hurts with awesome cousins!


Pick up kids from school.

Nag kids until homework is done & clean clothes are put away.

Make quick & easy dinner for kids.


Pick up sister and head to theater to wait in super long line for NEW MOON!!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!!!!!

{do ya like the *eye candy* I slipped in this post? heee heee}

Are you going to see New Moon? Let me know if you liked it!


Bunny Cates, said...

nope not going to see it. BUT, I am going to fight the lines at the theater tomorrow so I can see Blind Side. I hope I can contain my anger at the stupid tweens whilest I stand in line. *sigh* You Twi-hards, blow! roflmao!

TAKE PICS, and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Di at Legacy4Life said...

Andrea, you and my daughter would get on like a house on fire. She has not stopped BUGGING me about going to see this movie. She even withdraw pocket money from her savings account and said she would pay for the entire family.

Oi Vey!!!

Katrina said...

I'm not a "Twihard", but I did see New Moon & liked it much more than the 1st movie. Of course neither can compare to the books! Hope you enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Hello...I haven't been in the blogosphere for forever and a day. Thanks for popping by and yes I entered to win the kit. I only hope that in the future she comes out with one that's a little more masculine but such a cool idea. I am very sad that the whole crew left CK Magazineit won't be the same but all good things have to come to an end! Have a very happy holiday!